Theme: Challenges for Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare in the present era of COVID-19

Patient Safety 2020

Patient Safety 2020

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Patient Safety 2020 is a world class online event where renowned international speakers, specialists will take concurrent sessions of Patient Safety and Healthcare.

The webinar has been carefully designed so as to acknowledge the various recent researches going on in the field of patient safety & healthcare. This webinar on Patient Safety will deal with various tracks from the different fields of Patient Safety and Healthcare. The webinar provides you with a unique opportunity to meet up with peers from both industry and academia. We co-ordinally invite all concerned people to come and join us at our event and make it a successful one by your esteem participation.

Young Scientist Benefits

  • Our conferences provide best Platform for your research through oral presentations.
  • Share the ideas with both eminent researchers and mentors.
  • Young Scientist Award reorganization certificate and memento to the winners
  • Young Scientists will get appropriate and timely information by this Forum.
  • Platform for collaboration among young researchers for better development
  • Award should motivate participants to strive to realize their full potential which could in turn be beneficial to the field as whole.

A vast array of topics will be discusses in the webinar which includes  Patient Safety, Healthcare, Occupational Health & Safety, Nursing Education, Clinical Trails, Nursing Care & Practice, Errors in Patient Safety, Public Health. At Conference series it is our ideology to bring maximum exposure to our attendees, so we make sure the event is a blend which covers professionals such as researchers, nurses, professors, doctors, students from academia & industry making the conference an enriching valley of information and experience.

Attendees Outlook?

  • Clinicians
  • CEO’s, Deans & Directors, Faculty
  • Medical Department
  • Medical Department
  • Executives
  • Researchers
  • Information and communication technology vendors and consultants
  • Innovators and Entrepreneurs
  •  International delegates
  • Specialists in Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare
  • Academic Centers
  • Nursing scholars
  • Students of Medicine Disciplines
  • Upcoming Researchers

Why Participate?

  • Share your ideas, expertise, successes and challenges with colleagues from across the world 
  • Meet and learn from other attendees with common interests
  • Earn CME & CPD credits

Learning Objective:

Participation in Obstetrics and Patient Safety 2020 will provide all attendees with opportunities to hear and discuss:

  • Cutting edge ideas
  • Technology solutions
  • Innovations
  • New strategies



Track 1 Patient Safety

Patient Safety is a key to safe patient care through the principles and ideas of patient safety area unit acknowledged as a vital a part of professional education and coaching, several health care suppliers and teachers stay unsure on a way to integrate patient safety into health care education and clinical care, and area unit however to integrate patient safety information into side apply. The importance of education and coaching in patient safety has been acknowledged for over a decade, yet, in most countries, it remains underutilized and undervalued as a way of addressing the various challenges facing up to date healthcare the planet Health Organization (WHO) Patient Safety course of study Guide: Multiprofessional edition may be a comprehensive course of study designed to attain that improvement in healthcare. The course of study, once enforced, has the capability to produce health care professionals with the underpinning and applied information to include patient safety principles apply, in an exceedingly vary of healthcare contexts. 


Track 2 Health Care

Healthcare refers to diagnosis, treatment and prevention from diseases and disorders. It provides complete mental and physical impairment to patients. It is of different types like primary, secondary. Different countries spends different amount of their GBP for their healthcare. They have their own policies in healthcare management. Healthcare systems provide the health needs to people of different regions.


Track 3 Ethical and legal aspects of Patient Safety

Understanding Safety is described as "The journey for the diminishing and control of hazardous acts inside the restorative administrations system, and the use of best practices seemed to incite to perfect patient outcomes." There are different parts of patient security, and it's basic that everyone required in tolerant prosperity, including patients, their families, and social protection specialists, think about the issues, help techniques, and best practices for ensuring industrious security for everyone.


Track 4 Nursing Care & Practice

Therapeutic chaperon experts (NP) are moreover understands as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) who is insisted to give check based practice through the examination and game plan upsetting conditions the patients. In adapting to the International Council of Nurses, a NP/APRN is "a chosen helpful systematic who has attired the refined information base, grow crucial organization aptitudes and clinical capacities for since quite a while back named hone, in which nation they are credentialed to rehearse. Nursing expert works with masters, accommodating/watchful stars, sedate geniuses, physical guides, social laborers, word related specialists, and other human organizations authorities to get the best conclusions for tolerant success. In the United States, subordinate upon the state in which they work, remedial medicinal guardian specialists could be required to rehearse under the supervision of a pro.


Track 5 Infection Prevention & Control

Disease avoidance and control is required to keep the transmittable contaminations in every therapeutic administration settings. Defilement shirking and control asks for a basic understanding of the investigation of infection transmission of ailments; danger figures that extension calm defencelessness to ailment and the practices, techniques and solutions that may achieve pollutions. The danger of securing a medicinal services related disease is related to the strategy for transmission of the powerful administrator the sort of patient-mind activity or technique being performed and the shrouded patient's host protections. Medicinal services laborers should be vaccinated against preventable sicknesses, for instance, hepatitis B. Work force in danger for presentation to tuberculosis should be screened per recommendations.


Track 6 Hospital- Acquired Infections

Nosocomial illnesses are defilements which are acquired in clinics and other human administrations workplaces. To be appointed a nosocomial defilement, the patient probably been surrendered for reasons other than the ailment. He or she ought to in like manner have implied at no powerful or agonizing sullying. Nosocomial diseases are expedited by pathogens that easily spread through the body. Various doctors’ facility patients have exchanged off safe structures, so they are less prepared to fight off defilements. Every so often, patients make defilements on account of poor conditions at a centre or a social protection office, or in light of specialist's office staff not taking after real technique. A couple of patients get nosocomial illnesses by speaking with various patients. Others encounter microorganisms, developments, parasites, or contaminations in their mending office condition.


Track 7 Errors in Patient Safety

Medicine mistakes (wrong prescription, wrong estimation, wrong patient or course of association) are an important explanation behind inpatient terribleness and mortality. Medical errors are often outlined because the failure of a planned action to be completed as supposed or the employment of a wrong attempt to win an aim. Among the issues that normally occur throughout the course of providing health care,  adverse drug events and improper transfusions, surgical injuries and operation, suicides, restraint-related injuries or death, falls, burns, pressure ulcers, and mistaken patient identities. High error rates with serious consequences possibly to occur in medical aid units, in operation rooms, and emergency departments. A variety of things have contributed to the nation's epidemic of medical errors. One oft-cited drawback arises from the redistributed and fragmented nature of the health healthcare delivery system - or "non-system," to some observers. Once patients see multiple suppliers in numerous settings, none of whom has access to finish data, it becomes easier for things to travel wrong.


Track 8 Patient Safety Research

Patient security is a basic piece of nursing care that plans to forestall avoidable mistakes and patient damage. Patient wellbeing is an element of a medicinal services framework and an arrangement of tried courses for enhancing care. A human elements approach is vital to more secure social insurance. It will turn out to be a piece of the main subjects of all wellbeing experts. A human variables way to deal with patient security begins with a comprehension of the things that help or upset the way individuals work 


Track 9 Public Health

General wellbeing is characterized as the study of securing the wellbeing and improving the soundness of networks through training, strategy making and research for infection and damage counteractive action. The meaning of general wellbeing is diverse for each individual. Regardless of whether you like to do the math, lead lab or field explore, detail strategy, or work straightforwardly with individuals to help improve their wellbeing, there is a spot for you in the field of general wellbeing. Being a general wellbeing expert empowers you to work the world over, address medical issues of networks all in all, and impact approaches that influence the strength of social orders.


Track 10 Clinical Nursing

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) is a therapeutic administrations labourer who can give ace data sources noteworthy to unprecedented cases or treatment pathways." Normal nursing obligations, which focuses on supporting patients to deflect or resolve sickness, a clinical medical caretaker authority's field of training covers diagnosing and assessing illnesses, wounds as well as afflictions inside their field of ability. Clinical medical attendant pros masterminds coordinate patient care, play as gifted experts for nursing staffs and play a compelling part in creating human services conveyance frameworks. Clinical medical attendant pros frequently work in administration circumstances and may likewise build up or work with a group to advance strategies and measures. Clinical medical attendant authorities may likewise work with investigate—making an interpretation of research information into quiet care, characterizing research proposition, reviewing the plan of signal based custom examinations, executing research results to framework, or thinking of novel sign based benchmarks and agreements.


Track 11 Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational health and safety relates to health, safety, and welfare issues in the workplace. OHS includes the laws, standards, and programs that are aimed at making the workplace better for workers, along with co-workers, family members, customers, and other stakeholders. The main aim of the Act is to protect workers from health and safety hazards on the workplace or job. It sets out duties for all workplace parties and rights for workers. It establishes procedures for dealing with workplace hazards and provides for enforcement of the law where compliance has not been achieved voluntarily.


Track 12 Midwifery Nursing

Midwifery is a health care or medical profession, in which it deals with care to childbearing women during their pregnancy, labour and birth, and during the postpartum period (including care of the new-born), includes assisting with breastfeeding, besides sexual and reproductive health of women throughout their lives. A practitioner of midwifery is known as a midwife, which they strive to help women to have a healthy pregnancy and natural birth experience. Midwifery practice throughout the world remains as culturally established, and the specific standards and education for midwives varies by country. When a pregnant woman requires more care beyond the midwife's practice, they refer women related to obstetricians or perinatologists who are medical specialists in complications related to pregnancy and birth, includes surgical and instrumental deliveries.


Track 13 Types of Nursing

Nursing is a profession within the health care sector concentrated on the care of people, families, and networks so they may achieve, keep up, or recuperate ideal wellbeing and personal satisfaction. Nurses build up an arrangement of consideration, working cooperatively with doctors, specialists, the patient, the patient's family and other colleagues, that attention on treating ailment to enhance personal satisfaction. In the Unified States and the Assembled Kingdom, propelled hone attendants, for example, clinical attendant authorities and medical caretaker specialists analyse medical issues and endorse solutions and different treatments, contingent upon individual state directions. There are near 3.5 million nursing professionals in the workforce today, representing about three of each five human services proficient and specialized employments in the nation, or 57 percent of the 6.1 million employments in social insurance expert and specialized occupations.


Track 14 Cardiovascular Nursing

Nursing has a place with that works with patients who encounter the evil impacts of various conditions of the cardiovascular structure. "Cardiovascular helpful gatekeepers or heart medicinal guardians cure those conditions, for example, unstable angina, cardiomyopathy, coronary course contamination, congestive heart dissatisfaction, myocardial dead tissue and heart dysrhythmia under the" supervision of a cardiologist. Heart therapeutic attendant specialists have the genuine work to do in fundamental condition "These are set up for different practice extend, including coronary thought units (CCU), heart catheterization, genuine patient thought units (ICU), working theatres, cardiovascular recuperation centres, cardiovascular thought centre clinical investigation, cardiovascular medical procedure wards, cardiovascular concentrated thought units (CVICU), and cardiovascular helpful wards.


Track 15 Cancer and Tumour Nursing

Clinical implications and development nursing in perspective of the rates of torment and distinctive signs filed in the composition, changes in clinical practice are relied upon to decrease the reaction weight of inhabitants with tumour. Regardless, confirmation based practice standards presently can't seem to be portrayed for the specific masses of tenants with ailment. Fundamental thought and harm nursing is a thought movement structure that support capable nursing practice. "Inside Primary Nursing, a medicinal relationship is set up between an enrolled remedial master and an individual patient and his or her family."


Track 16 Women’s Health

Ladies' wellbeing alludes to a condition of finish physical wellbeing, emotional wellness, and social prosperity, as experienced by ladies, and not simply the nonappearance of sickness or illness. A portion of these identify with structures, for example, female genitalia and bosoms or to conditions caused by hormones particular to, or most outstanding in, females (e.g. monthly cycle, anti-conception medication, maternal wellbeing, labour, menopause, PCOS and bosom disease). A few conditions that influence the two people, for example, cardiovascular illness, osteoporosis, additionally show contrastingly in ladies. Ladies' medical problems additionally incorporate therapeutic circumstances in which ladies confront issues not straightforwardly identified with their science, for example, sexual orientation separated access to restorative treatment and other financial elements. Around the world, ladies and young ladies are at more serious danger of HIV/AIDS – a wonder related with dangerous sexual action that is frequently consensual. The worldwide market for ladies' wellbeing therapeutics was worth about $18.3 billion of every 2012. The market is depended upon to increase from about $19 billion of each 2013 to nearly $22.5 billion by 2018, a compound yearly advancement rate (CAGR) of 3.5% for" the five-year time frame, 2013 to 2018.


Track 17 Primary Healthcare

Essential Healthcare is the critical first care that depends on deductively well-done and all around satisfactory techniques and innovation, which influence wellbeing to mind simple to get the opportunity to individuals and families in a network. The International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC) is an institutionalized apparatus for comprehension and breaking down data on intercessions in essential care by the explanation behind the patient visit. "Driven by individuals strengthening and building up, the aggregate number of office visits to essential care medicos is anticipated to increase from 462 million of each 2008 to 565 million" out of 2025. "Basic care also fuses various principal mother-based and tyke social protection organizations, for instance, family orchestrating organizations and vaccinations." Exhaustive Primary care is a way to deal with medicinal services that features social equity, value, network control and social change.


Track 18 Clinical Trails

A clinical preliminary otherwise called clinical research examines that take after a pre-characterized plan or convention. Specialists outline clinical preliminaries (Clinical examination plans) to answer particular research questions identified with a restorative item. A clinical report includes inquire about utilizing human volunteers (additionally called members) that is proposed to add to therapeutic information. Clinical preliminaries for the improvement of new medications are and their most part started and financed by industry. There are additionally numerous clinical preliminaries started by scholarly clinical analysts. "Notwithstanding whether began by industry or by insightful clinical inspectors clinical research is routinely performed in national, European and general consortia, which can all over, be tremendous ones." Clinical research brings up significant moral and wellbeing issues. The insurance of members in a clinical preliminary is of foremost significance. As an outcome, clinical research is profoundly controlled. To encourage joint efforts crosswise over fringes, numerous parts of this direction are orchestrated at the European level yet in addition around the world.


Track 19  Nursing Education

Patient security instruction comprises in the showy and pragmatic preparing gave to medicinal services understudies/attendants with the motivation to set them up for their commitments as nursing thought specialists. Most countries offer patientcare and nursing courses that can be noteworthy to general nursing or to specific regions including growth nursing, oncology nursing, dental nursing, careful nursing, clinical nursing, basic care nursing, birthing assistance nursing, network nursing, veterinary nursing, emotional well-being nursing, pediatricnursing, geriatric nursing and post-operatory nursing. Medical caretaker instruction in like manner gives post-capacity courses in expert subjects inside nursing. Frameworks for reflecting nursing homes are the capacity to consider movement so as to participate in a method of steady learning. As showed by one definition it incorporates "giving cautious thought to the sober minded characteristics and theories which light up general exercises, by investigating practice splendidly and reflexively. Intelligent practice can be a vital instrument practically speaking based proficient taking in settings where individuals gain from their own proficient encounters, instead of from formal learning or information exchange. Instructing, appraisal and learning and clinical practice outfits clinical specialists with the speculative establishment and rational gadgets essential to prevail as a clinical nursing instructor. The theory used to support the demonstration of clinical training is shown in an unmistakable, easily grasped way.


Track 20 Trauma & Critical Care

The Critical Care thought approach centres around the level of believed that individual patients require at different focuses in their course of clinical towards the Critical Care gatherings, rather of on interesting little lodgings. Clinical choice rules are for the most part seen as best practice for an unyieldingly ordinary proximity in the biomedical arrangement and tending to one procedure of updating and making with the objective of improving the capability ability and adequacy of remedial organizations developments like Trauma Events.

Crisis masters routinely encounter patients experiencing burst wounds. Most are minor in nature yet around 100,000 multi-year is bonafide crises. The treatment of minor consuming focuses on three pivotal targets: mitigation of anguish, balancing activity of sullying contamination, additional damage, and limiting of scarring and contracture. Flight course wounds, hurt other than the blast harm, treatment of stun, and trouble help are of the most dumbfounding need, annulling the organization of the consuming injury itself.


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Patient Safety-2019 Report

The 4th World Congress on Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare (Patient Safety -2019) hosted by Conference Series took place at Mercure Wien Westbahnhof, Vienna, Austria during June 27-28, 2019.

It was organized by Conference Series and generous response was received from the Editorial Board Members of our Group Journals as well as from eminent scientists, talented researchers and young student community. Researchers and students who attended from different parts of the world made the conference one of the most successful and productive events in 2019 from Conference Series.

The two day program witnessed thought provoking keynote and plenary presentations from experts in the field of Patient Safety highlighting the theme Consolidating Knowledge to Improve Patient Safety & Quality Care”.

The conference proceedings were carried out through various Scientific-sessions and plenary lectures, of which the following Speakers were highlighted as Keynote speakers.

Linh Nguyen, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Ebtsam Aly Abou Hashish, King Saud bin Abdul-Aziz University for Health Sciences, Saudi Arabia

Hema Roslin Samson, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat

Sato Yukiko, Yamagata City, Japan

Stacey Stone, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, USA

Pooraj Rumon, Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi

Anne-Marie Doyle, Royal Brompton Hospital, UK


All the sessions were followed with great interest by a large audience. Students from various parts of the world took active participation in poster presentations. Students who presented well were awarded with Best Poster Presentations for their outstanding contribution in the field of Patient Safety.

We are also obliged to various delegate experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by facilitating active discussion forums. We sincerely thank the Organizing Committee Members for their gracious presence, support, and assistance towards the success of Patient Safety-2019.

With the unique feedback from the conference, Conference series Group would like to announce the commencement of the

"5th World Congress on Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare” [Patient Safety Webinar] is going to be held during June 22-23, 2020.



To share your views and research, please click here to register for the Conference.

To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date June 22-23, 2020
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